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To start using Blippit® Boards

Logging in to the app or the web dashboard requires registered user account. The teacher who registers the school free gets immediate access and it's then their job, initially, to invite colleagues to join them via the 'Manage Users' area in the dashboard.

An app and a web dashboard

Teachers use the Blippit app to capture, tagging, search and review work (boards) on-the-go. Reports and charts are created in the Blippit web dashboard via web browser.

Filters for Key stage, progression step (Wales), year group and subjects let you quickly interpret charts and build reports to share however you need e.g. as evidence of achievement with parents, or, with key stage teams reviewing the curriculum, or, with accrediting organisations, or even use to support inspection interviews.

How do you get started?

  1. Ask us to show you Blippit over Zoom (optional)
  2. Register for an account. Follow the steps in your welcome email to get the app, sign in and make some boards.
  3. Next, log in to the Blippit dashboard to see charts, reports and send out some invites to colleagues in the 'Manage Users' area while you're  there.
  4. The emails you'll get from us contain links to easy-to-follow articles in the Blippit Knowledge base. Bookmark them!
  5. We can support staff meetings via Zoom to help you launch Bippit Boards. Email Support @20 mins
Blippit Boards Charts and Teachers

Talking about Blippit®

1. Listen to: A primary class teacher

In this 3-part chat, Lammack Primary Teacher Daniel Hack chats very frankly about how using Blippit Boards has changed practice for the better at their school by it's simple adoption and approach to helping leaders monitor across their large school.

I was actually supposed to have an afternoon out of class to do a learning walk but actually went to (my headteacher) at dinnertime and said I don't  think I need the time out of class because I can see it on my iPad.

2. Listen to: A primary Deputy Head

In this 4-part chat, former Saighton Primary Deputy Headteacher Finola Jackson chats about the simplicity of Blippit Boards and how it's accessibility has meant adoption was much faster as a consequence.

You know, I think there's so many demands on and so many sort of things that try to sound good but then just need hours and hours and retraining. But with this, it's very instinctive and it's just really nice.


► What is Blippit® Boards/who is it for?
Blippit® Boards is two products that work together. One product is a mobile app used by teachers to share tagged evidence (boards) for any subject area or wider context tag the boards. The other product is a web based dashboard. The simple 'tagging' of shared work using the app is picked up by the Dashboard. It organises and creates a big picture for every subject. The dashboard uses filters to help teachers find and understand what they have got to support their subject monitoring activities. Reports can be run on any subject to generate PDF or Word documents that teachers can then share or edit. There is no limit to the number of boards a teacher or school can create.
► What devices can I use?
Blippit® Boards iOS App now requires iOS14 or later to update to version 2.1.5. Blippit® Boards Android App needs v8.0 or later. The new web version of Blippit Boards® app runs in Google Chrome and is ideal for schools where iPads are scarce by allowing teachers to use laptops instead. Blippit® Boards Dashboard runs in a web browser on Apple/Android tablets, Mac/PC laptops and desktops. On the iPad, newer generation devices give better performance of the DashBoard e.g. 2nd-4th Generation. Landscape mode recommended on the iPad for DashBoard use.
► What is a 'board'?
Boards of evidence are created using the Blippit® Boards app. They contain photos, text, tags, sound and are commonly given a title to reflect the subject focus. Tagging boards when they're made is critical. Tagged well, a board can really contribute to whole school insights. Tagged poorly or inaccurately and a this could impact the quality of reports and charts generated by a teacher in the dashboard.
► Can we edit tags?
Yes. You can add custom tags and order bespoke tag categories too. Read this post for more on tagging.
► Can I customise reports and charts?
Yes. Blippit® Boards enables full customisation of reports and charts as well as exporting in a variety of formats including PDF, Docx and PNG. While most reports use tags to provide their focus, schools are also innovating by adding student initials (e.g. ~JB) to board titles so learner specific reports can be run using the 'Search' facility.
► What does a demo cost?
A demo that costs a school money isn't nice. Ours are free!
► How much does Blippit® Boards cost?
Price plans are available here.
► What if I lead multiple subjects?
The number of subjects you lead doesn't matter in Blippit® Boards.
► What user limits are there?
None. Short and sweet.
► How do we get the app?
If you are on a desktop or laptop computer right now, scroll to the bottom of the page and scan the QR code for your device type to get the app. If you are on a mobile device right now, download the iOS app or download the Android app. Rather use your laptop or desktop? If you have an account, then visit using Google Chrome or Safari to use the web version of the app instead.
► How does Blippit® Boards help?
Schools say that teachers enjoy seeing what colleagues are doing across school. Blippit promotes team working and builds on the collaborative ethos of schools because by using it, teachers are helping each other. This informs monitoring, conversations, support and so on. On a practical level, a reduction in use of photocopiers and other consumables achieved using Blippit® gives teachers the opportunity to do things that they would rather be doing e.g. supporting others based on evidence captured in Blippit® Boards.
► What training and support resources are there?
Blippit® needs minimal training. We have a Support service and your school can request a staff input via Zoom to help launch Blippit®. There's an online Knowledge Base with easy-to-follow help and advice articles too.
► Is Blippit® Boards compliant with GDPR?
Yes. Blippit® is registered with the ICO and are GDPR compliant. For more information on where data is stored, encryption, security and your data rights, please visit our privacy notice page where you can also download a pre-signed data processing agreement if required.
► Does Blippit® Boards integrate with other systems like our MIS?
No integration required, for example, to manage accounts based on data stored in your school management information systems. Images can be added from other systems like One Drive and Google Drive but no integration is required to achieve this.
► Any firewall considerations?

Schools say...

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Easily integrate with all your favorite tools through and APIs including automatic integrations.

Finola Jackson
Then Deputy Headteacher (Cheshire) now Headteacher, Hadnall CE Primary

Staff have been finding it similar to Instagram and so in that way it's instinctive. If it wasn't as quick, staff wouldn't do it. It has definitely been a time saver.

Daniel Hack
Teacher and Eco Subject Leader, Lammack Primary

An absolute life-saver for subject leaders! I could really get the overview snapshot of what was happening at school just from the comfort of my classroom.

Paula Duckworth
Headteacher, Lammack Primary

Lots of positives about the Blippit Boards app! Staff are really loving the way it speeds up how they can share subject evidence.

Ian Gittins
Headteacher, St Paul's CE Primary

I think Blippit is brilliant and incredible value for the amount it has cost the school.

Clare Berryman
Headteacher, Salesbury CE Primary School

We're on day 2 of our Ofsted Inspection and the Blippit App has been invaluable. Subject Leaders have all made comment on how accessible it has been to have this at their fingertips and it has gone down very well.

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About us

Blippit is family run education brand founded in 2012 by once teacher, ICT Advisory Teacher & Adviser John Bidder with Lindsey Bidder, a current primary teacher and SENDCo.

John serves as vice chair of Governors in Chorley primary school and has supported through two Ofsted inspections and a SIAMS inspection. His governor work led to Blippit Boards now supporting the role of governor monitoring.

Blippit is rooted firmly in schools. Even our senior developer Steve, has a primary teaching degree. We love to collaborate with schools and listen to feedback because this when great things happen as was the case this year for schools in Wales. Other collaborations have led to Blippit Boards becoming an effective tool for SIAMS inspections, the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award and Christian Aid's Global Neighbours accreditaton. We're grateful to every one of our collaborators for helping us meet the needs of schools

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