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Snap and tag displays across school using the app. Use the DashBoard to explore your data and more easily see the big picture. Explore interactive, time-saving, easy-to-read and exportable charts to evidence reports via tablet, laptop or desktop.

Invite colleagues at your school

Register your school and when colleagues accept invites to join in, they can share in the benefits of real-time whole-school display insights and charts to support monitoring.

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Interactive DashBoard Charts

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Simple and exportable
Focus on what's important to you
Get answers to strategic questions

Benefits for subject & school leaders

Get more value out of the displays you choose to capture, tag, share and monitor across your school.

Subject leaders

  • follow and evaluate subject(s) visibility across school
  • export beautifully drawn charts and graphs for your reports and presentations
  • see boards from anywhere and know exactly what's up!
  • use insights to inform and support staff development
  • celebrate good practice and share new ideas in school
  • use as a time and effort saving tool

School leaders

  • monitor SRE, BVs, SMSC and SIAMS on display
  • see graphically how whole school core values surface across key stages
  • use as supporting evidence in performance management
  • monitor how well your school development priorities manifest through display
  • build in to your NQT induction or TA performance management processes

Quick Start

  • 1. Register your school for free and follow the steps to invite your colleagues in when you're ready. You get up to 40 days free trial.
  • 2. Download the free Blippit Boards app to snap and tag a display(s) you've had a hand in.
  • 3. See your school's display insights emerge on the DashBoard as exportable curriculum charts and tables. For example, dip into SMSC or see how your subject is surfacing across a key stage, year group or class on the Blippit Boards DashBoard.

Quick Facts


Inviting teachers and TAs in at the outset will quickly offer up new whole school insights.


When any new display goes up, you know you won't miss it.


Adding voice adds extra value to any board collection.


It takes seconds to tag a board with concise curriculum, SIAMS, BVs and SRHE tags included.


Tap the heart to show a board some love and keep it for quick reference.


Board collections are only shared within your own school.

Technical requirements:
Blippit Boards iOS *App* requires iOS10 or later on iPhone or iPad. Blippit Boards Android App needs v8.0 or later. Blippit Boards *DashBoard* runs in all modern web browsers on Windows/Mac laptop and desktop devices. It also runs on Apple/Android tablets. Specifically, the DashBoard will run on iOS 10 Safari upwards on iPad with newer generation devices giving significantly better performance of the DashBoard.