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New!Now able to support Eco-Schools & Global Neighbours activity in your school too!

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Capture, monitor & report the easy way in a fraction of the time on Global Neighbours & Eco-Schools activity in your school.

Christian Aid - Global Neighbours

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While teachers & TAs quickly capture samples of subject evidence using the app, the DashBoard crunches it all together to show the big picture for subject through interactive charts. Get reports sent to your inbox in seconds to peruse or share with colleagues or visitors.
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"It makes it easy to monitor my subject & know what's going on in school!"
Mrs Reeve, Head of EYFS & KS 1

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Just pick a working wall to capture a displayJust pick a display to capture with Blippit BoardsChoose the display or working wallDescribe and tag it with the Blippit Boards app

Just pick a working wall to capture a displayJust pick a display to capture with Blippit BoardsJust pick a display to capture with Blippit BoardsUsing Blippit Boards on an iPadBlippit Dashboard making light work of insights
Teacher Feedback on Blippit Boards
"We're on day 2 of our Ofsted Inspection and the Blippit Boards App has been invaluable. Subject Leaders have all made comment on how accessible it has been to have this at their fingertips & it has gone down very well!"

Mrs C Berryman, Headteacher, Salesbury Primary, April 2021.

Our thanks to the Headteachers, teachers and Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education who collaborated with us on the SIAMS self-evaluation aspect of Blippit Boards.  We thank the following Dioceses for their help and support in sharing with schools.

The Blackburn Diocese Board of Education
The Blackburn Diocese Board of Education
Christian Aid - Global Neighbours
Shortlisted for Teach Primary Awards 2021
Chester Diocese
Liverpool Diocese
Diocese of York