Multi-Academy Trust Licensing

Breaking down barriers to engagement and learning
Blippit® has worked with practicing school leaders and subject leaders to create time-saving app resources that make the most technology's strengths and support collaboration since 2010. We are steeped in education technology having worked with primary schools for 18 years as part of a triple national BETT Award winning curriculum support service in the North West of England.

Get on board with Blippit Boards!


There are economies of scale for trust-wide purchases. Savings will be based upon the number and size of schools in your trust along with the length of licences selected.


Blippit® is a UK company and complies fully with GDPR and Data Protection Law.


We aim for our support is second to none. Your schools will always have access to unlimited technical support and educational support with our team. We encourage feedback and use this to help us improve. The success of everyone in your MAT is our priority.


Your Trust will have a Trust-wide monitoring DashBoard to provide the time saving subject and academy leader benefits for which Blippit is known.

Distributed Leadership

With more hands under the MAT Blippit Boards account, there are more opportunities for leaders to support colleagues and make face to face really count when it happens.

Blippit Anywhere

Your content is always yours so as you would expect, Blippit Boards makes itaccessible from anywhere in your Trust and beyond. Teachers use the app to capture and the dashboard to monitor and create evidence reports.

Helping you to work smarter with subject monitoring