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SIAMS 2023-4 Update

SIAMS 2023 Transition with Blippit Tag Update

In January 2023, after consulting with The Board of Education for Blackburn Diocese and SLT from a Cheshire primary, we released new SIAMS tags on Blippit Boards.  These tags are available now as a free upgrade for all schools. Read the full blog post

Date: 9th February 2023

Catholic School Inspectorate tags

Catholic Schools Inspectorate Blippit Tag Update

Blippit Boards is used by school subject leaders nationally to capture, monitor & report on specific subjects including SIAMS, British Values, Eco-Schools and many more.  It keeps things organised, contextualised and meaningful so that you benefit from greater insights and reduced workload. In a recent Ofsted inspection (January 2023) Blippit’s workload-reducing benefits were recognised as were its governor benefits. Read the full blog post

Date: 8th February 2023

Pritt Stick Prize Draw

Blippit Boards Demo New Prize Draw!

To boost your stock of the most precious consumable in school,  between now and the end of summer term 2023 we’ve come up with an idea to make the idea of a Blippit Boards Zoom demo stick in people’s heads! When you book a 20 min Zoom demo with us at your school will be entered into a monthly draw to win a nice big pack of 25 Pritt Sticks too.  Read the full blog post

Date: 13th January 2023

Core Subects Expansion

English, Maths & Science New Blippit Boards Categories

If you're trialling or using Blippit Boards just now, you should have received two updates by email letting you know about the new core tag categories that went live last week. Subject leaders had fed back to us in demos that this would be well received and VERY useful to help them get more detailed insights for core subjects. We're glad to say that the updates have been enacted and are in use already! Read the full blog post

Date: 8th December 2022

Teach Primary 2022

Teach Primary Awards 2022 FINALIST with Blippit Boards

This summer we got the welcome news that Blippit Boards had become a finalist in the Teach Primary Awards 2022.  Awards, as great as they may be, are funny things because we all know that there are lots of high-impact life-saving or enhancing products and services delivered every single day without a single party popper or black tie event ever being thrown.  So, it’s not without a huge amount of humility that we share our award news with you now.  Read the full blog post

Date: 23rd August 2022

Class Teacher talks about Eco-Schools & Blippit Boards

Mr Hack is a Teacher from Lammack Primary School in Blackburn where they started using Blippit Boards as an experiment in summer term two this year.  The idea was to see if they could work smarter to innovate monitoring and support their Eco-Schools Green Flag evidence gathering, monitoring and reporting effort.  Read the full blog post

Date: 26th July 2022

Deputy Headteacher talks about Blippit Boards

Deputy Headteacher talks about Blippit Boards

Deputy Headteacher Mrs Jackson is from Saighton CE Primary School in Chester where the school started using Blippit Boards in 2022.  Who better to share their experience and this new approach to supporting subject leaders in their monitoring role?  Read the full blog post

Date: 12th July 2022

Deputy Headteacher talks about Blippit Boards

Time to reward schools

The best way for us to say thank you to the schools using Blippit Boards is by listening to their feedback and ideas so that we can continue to improve in the most helpful ways.  The next best way to say thank you is by expressing our thanks in the form of a helpful gift, which we’ve decided should be in the form of ‘time’.  It’s what Blippit Boards is all about. Recognising, saving and optimising people’s use of time in school, particularly subject leaders.  Read the full blog post

Date: 21st June 2022

Deputy Headteacher talks about Blippit Boards

Eco-Schools & Blippit Boards

Since 1994, when Keep Britain Tidy started operating Eco-Schools in England, over 20,000 schools, colleges and nurseries have registered with Eco-Schools England and more are registering every day!  The programme empowers children and teens to improve their environment through the formation of a school Eco-Council that identifies three priorities to give their school eco-work clear focus and direction.  Read the full blog post

Date: 13th June 2022

Subject leader monitoring reports

Subject leader reports go live in Blippit Boards

So, we got creative, got to work and ultimately built a brand new Blippit Boards Reports feature to make sure that it would be both fast and easy for teachers to extract from Blippit Boards what everybody had put in. To use reports, teachers use the DashBoard, view all boards, click the tags icon and select what to report on.  Read the full blog post

Date: 1st June 2022

Global Neighbours

Global Neighbours School Accreditation & Blippit Boards

This month, thanks to the support and expertise of Christian Aid, Blippit Boards has expanded to include monitoring support for the Global Neighbours accreditation scheme.  The scheme is far-reaching and encourages a deeper understanding of global injustice to equip school pupils across England to tackle this and become courageous advocates for change. The monitoring and evidencing aspects for schools taking part in the Global Neighbours school accreditation scheme were areas where we felt Blippit Boards could help a lot.  Read More...

Date: 12th May 2022

Governors and Blippit Boards

Subject, SIAMS & now Governor monitoring in Blippit Boards

Senior leaders know how important it is for Governors to be able to answer the question: How do you know?  Having sat through training for governors preparing for OFSTED ourselves, we wanted to help schools everywhere to support governors, as they carry out their monitoring role, in a very simple and accessible way.  Read the full blog post

Date: 11th February 2022

Self-evaluation and SIAMS 2021

Self-evaluation and SIAMS 2021

If you’ve been following the development of the Blippit Boards app (& dashboard) you’ll know that one of its main reasons for being is to help schools, subject leaders in particular, to monitor and gather evidence across subjects.  But, since collaborating with the Blackburn Diocese Board of Education we’ve also been able to share our passion for making a contribution to self-evaluation and SIAMS.  Read the full blog post

Date: 20th October 2021

Self-evaluation and SIAMS 2021

SIAMS and RE Blippit Boards expertise from The Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education

During Governor SIAMS training on Zoom this summer, Blippit’s founder, who is also a primary school governor, learned just how closely linked a school’s vision, values, mission and curriculum are.  The training was peppered with photographs showing how schools manifest their vision, values and learning.   Read the full blog post

Date: 29th July 2021

Subject leaders in action

School Subject Leaders in Action

This term we popped into a school to take some photos of the teachers capturing their displays and working walls, as part of monitoring their subject areas, so we thought it might be nice to share a couple here on the blog. Take a look at the photos below to get an idea of how schools are now able to save time and do something that brings unique insights to leadership and subject leaders that are on offer through displays.   Read the full blog post

Date: 16th June 2021